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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

BBB ACCredited Business

BBB ACCredited Business


"After researching the competitor, it was clear that ACT was a reputable company. Hearing the different opinions of the school district HR people, it was clear to me that ACT was a very respected program."

– David

"The emphasis placed on the classroom management training really paid off. Figuring out the content is a evolving thing, but showing up with a solid classroom management plan made life easier."

– Sarah

"The feedback received from my Field Supervisor was pivotal in providing an outside perspective as well as providing me a neutral person to vent to."

– Tony

"I have already recommended this company to other individuals. This program is clearly out to help new teachers and is not focused on simply taking your money."

– Tammy

"I chose ACT because of their training timeframe, their ability to help with finding a job, and their cost effectiveness."

– Raul

"The Field Supervisor is great. They are always available to help and give feedback."

– Bob

"ACT made it easy for me to get my certification while staying with my former employer as long as possible."

– Jim

News and Announcements

At ACT Distance Learning, we understand how stressful the teacher certification process can be which is why we make it a priority to assist educators in becoming teachers through our alternative teacher certification process.  We aim to offer you the best in alternative teacher certification as we continue to support your career as a teacher well beyond the certification process.

Email blasts!

We are sending out pretty regular email blasts, with news, info and job leads!  Make sure you read and reply so we can keep you active..

ACT Distance Learning needs you to be ACTIVE and maintain current information in our system so you can stay informed!


  • *You must complete 30 hours of observations BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE A JOB.
  • * You must pass your TExES exam BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE A JOB.
  • * You must complete your training (including your Teacher Tools Website)BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE A JOB!

Have questions? Call the office at 210.877.1975 !

New Updates from ACT - clinical teaching apps

New Testing Requirements - 10/1/2013

We are currently in the process of auditing all folders and letting our candidates know what their current status is. We will be making phone calls and sending emails to touch base - so please reply if we reach out to you!

Be advised that TEA is in the process of changing testing requirements. Please read below about the upcoming changes and plan accordingly.

If you have passed the 8-12 ELA/R, 8-12 Math, 8-12 Chemistry, 8-12 Life Science, 8-12 Physical Science, 8-12 Science, 8-12 History, or 8-12 Social Studies:
Beginning Sept 1, 2013 – these tests have changed to cover grades 7-12. Your last opportunity to secure aninternship for certification with these 8-12 exams will be Fall 2014.

If you have passed the EC-6 Generalist or 4-8 Generalist:
Beginning July 2014 - there will be new Generalist exams and candidates will be required to pass ALLsubjects on the exam. TEA has not released much guidance on the new exams. As of right now, your lastopportunity to secure an internship for certification with the current generalist exams will be Fall 2014.

If you have passed the EC-12 Special Ed: Beginning Sept 1, 2013 – Texas Administrative Code states that SPED teachers must pass an appropriate content exam. Candidates will need to pass a generalist exam – read above for information about changes to that test.

If you are pursuing Bilingual or ESL certification:
Beginning Jan 1, 2014 – Candidates must pass all the associated tests BEFORE they are eligible for aprobationary certificate (Bilingual must pass: a Generalist exam, Bilingual Supplemental, and BTLPT - ESL must pass their content test and the ESL exam)

You may use these tests to secure a clinical teaching assignment during Spring 2014, Fall 2014, or Spring 2015.

Considering Clinical teaching inSpring 2014?


Clinical Teaching is a 12 week, unpaid program that can lead to a standard certificate and full certification. A clinical teaching assignment takes the place of a paid internship and offers another route to certification through ACT.

Clinical teaching is open to any ACT candidate that has completed all the requirements (including field based expereinces!) and could be especially beneficial to candidates that have passed all their testing requiremnts.


AS OF DEC 1, 2013 - After this date, school districts will NOT be able to hire bilingual candidates until they have passed ALL 3 certification exams: EC-6 Generalist, Bilingual Supplemental, and the BTLPT. Please keep in mind that the BTLPT is not offered as a CAT test so it is not available as often. Plan now to get all your tests passed!

AS OF SEPT 1, 2014 - Candidates that take the EC-6 Generalist or 4-8 Generalist will be subject to new passing standards.

For the EC-6 Generalist - there will be an increase in test questions - from 140 questions to 200 questions. Candidates will be required to have passing scores on 3 domains: 1) ELA/R - and the science of teaching reading 2) Math 3) Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, PE, Health. Failure to obtain passing scores on any one of the domains will result in candidates having to RETAKE THE ENTIRE TEST until they are able to pass all 3 domains in one test administration.

For the 4-8 Generalist - there will be an increase in test questions - from 130 questions to 200 questions. Candidates will be required to have passing scores on 4 domains: 1) ELA/R 2) Math 3) Social Studies 4) Science. Failure to obtain passing scores on any one of the domains will result in candidates having to RETAKE THE ENTIRE TEST until they are able to pass all4 domains in one test administration.


Please be advised that if you take and pass one of theTExES tests listed below, you are only eligible to take a teaching assignment in the 7th or 8th grades. To expand your options to include 4th-6th grade, you must also have passing test scores on a 4-8 Generalist or EC-6 Generalist. Make yourself more marketable and take an additional exam right away!

4-8 Math
4-8 Science
4-8 Social Studies
4-8 ELA/R
4-8 ELA/R - Social Studies
4-8 Math - Science


We are making appointments for our application process on Tuesdays at 10 am and 2 pm , some  Wednesdays at 2 pm and 6 pm, Thursdays: 10 am and 2 pm.

Candidates may come in at any time on M, W, F to finish up ACT paperwork without an appointment, although we recommend that you call first to make sure that one of our Program Directors will be present to meet with you!

Once you secure employment, you need to call the office so we can schedule you in for Internship Orientation.

Aug 26th - First day of school for most schools!  Watch for busses, kids and extra traffic.

Sept 2 - Office closed for Labor Day

Sept 4 - Last day to reserve your spot for Sept Institute

Sept 11 - First day of Day classes - 6 - 9 pm - Location TBA via email

Sept 28 - Paper based TExES exam - Good LUCK!

Oct  8 - Last day to online register for ACT  TExES Reviews

Oct 16 - TExES reviews - EC-6 Gen, 4-8 Gen, EC-12 SPED, EC-12 PPR

                ATTEND BOTH NIGHTS

                Single subject reviews - (Math, ELA/R, SS) - Attend Oct 16 only

                Winston School - 8565 Ewing Halsell - 6-9 pm

Oct 17 - TExES reviews - second night of reviews for EC-6 Gen, 4-8 Gen, EC-12 SPED, EC-12 PPR Only!   Winston School - 8565 Ewing Halsell - 6-9 pm

Nov 1-15 - Office accepts application for clinical teachers - Spring 2014 - Application on  website

Nov 25-29 - Office closed for Thanksgiving

Always wanted to teach? Join NOW

ACT Distance Learning recruits teacher candidates year round. Now is the perfect time to start working toward teacher certification so that you can begin in the teaching profession! Call today for an application appointment. We can evaluate your transcripts as you take our critical thinking appraisal and you can soon be on your way to becoming a certified teacher!

The next available Institute begins in JAN, with another one in APR, but you will want to start now so you can complete the online modules and field based experiences!